Alice Engelbrink Houston and the Latest Instant Pot News

Alice Engelbrink Houston news breaking news, the maker of the Instant Pot was bought by the parent company of Pyrex. The Instant Pot was already great but now will have the trusted name of Pyrex supporting it. There will probably be new Pyrex Instant Pot accessories on the market by Christmas 2019. Have you ever used an Instant Pot? Comment below if you are a Pyrex or Instant Pot fan. Alice Engelbrink uses only Pyrex on a regular basis so the merger of the Instant Pot maker and Pyrex’s parent company is a welcome merger. 

Good News from Alice Engelbrink Houston

Welcome the new merger of the parent company of Pyrex and the maker of the Instant Pot!

Alice Engelbrink Instant Pot Goodies

There must be plans for the merger to have the two companies working together to come up with new Instant Pot compatible Pyrex dishes and cookware. Comment below if you are an avid Instant Pot or Pyrex fan!


Alice Engelbrink Houston knows the quality of Pyrex and also of the Instant Pot. This is a merger made in heaven, or in Houston, TX.